How to be real you!

I know when you don't want to talk to anybody, you don't or can't express the anger,the anxiety,the fear and that depression out. It's okay to not feel happy , it's okay to be sad, emotionless at times,that's life and these all are the various shades of life. It's not you who is tired it's... Continue Reading →


How to boost your confidence?

Hello lovelies! I'm back with a lot of new topics, Today the topic we are going to discuss is how to boost your confidence? This question is usually asked by my fellows and I don't have a solid reason to say. I'm not that much confident but there are few of the things that make... Continue Reading →

Life update

Hello lovelies! I'm back. Just completed my 1st year of university Alhumdulliah. Can't believe 2 semesters are already down. It feels like a month ago i posted my University wish list blog and here I'm over with this year. Wow! This is a roller coaster ride year. We are almost to the end of the year. August... Continue Reading →

Huda beauty Makeup

Huda beauty matte lip gloss in shade FLIRTE is my one of the most favorite and hot shade choices for spring season. This shade was suddenly loved and picked by me. This warm and energizing shade is so hot to apply. Actually its a fake one. When I bought it I was wondering that actually... Continue Reading →

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